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How nervous little dog Doris found her confidence again

Posted on 18 Jan 2013


Looking after a nervous dog can be tough – and poor little Doris was finding life particularly hard after coming to Blue Cross to find a new home. Now, a few months on, she’s a happy go lucky pooch, surrounded by love… 

After being used to life in a home, coming to stay in a Blue Cross kennels was pretty traumatic for nervous dog Doris. 

The little Jack Russell terrier was extremely stressed and the team at our Tiverton rehoming centre quickly realised she had separation anxiety problems. 

This is when a dog can’t bear to be parted from their owners and you can find out more about it and get some advice in our Alone at home factsheet

Helping Doris to cope 

Doris came to us because her owner was no longer able to keep her and we knew that we had to find her a new home as quickly as possible in order to help her settle. 

In the meantime, she spent a lot of time in our centre manager’s office so she could have some quiet time, away from the kennel environment. 

One of our dog behaviour advisers set about finding the right sort of family for Doris, under our tailor made rehoming scheme, where we look at each case individually and match compatible pets and people.  

Meeting the Barlow family 

Sarah and Gary Barlow and their family had lost their elderly dog a few months ago and were conscious of having a “vacancy” at home. 

Sarah explains: “My husband saw Doris on the Blue Cross website and sent the link home. The family took one look at her picture and the feeling was unanimous. We had to find out more about Doris.

“But, after reading her profile, I was unsure whether our home would suit a nervous dog. It is quite an active family to say the least, and she would be with other, large dogs. However we obviously needed to meet her so an appointment was made. 

“She was a very nervous little thing, and the first meeting was tentative. We spoke at length to the team who had been looking after her and we felt that, given time and support, she would benefit from plenty of exposure to new people and animals.” 

A transformation for Doris 

A week later Doris met the other dogs and everyone was surprised by her transformation. 

Sarah says: “None of us could believe how different she was with two big brothers to back her up. She came home with us the same day.” 

Two months on and Doris is a very happy little dog, as you can see here from the picture of her with 10-year-old Max. 

Sarah says: “She has learnt not to chase chickens (mostly) and views strangers as an opportunity for a little extra attention. She’s on first name terms with the postman and the recycling van.

“She is an avid pheasant chaser and spends most of her days tearing around the countryside looking for one with Stanley our previous Blue Cross addition.” 

Sarah adds: “Doris is a joy to have around. She is so loved by everyone it is hard to believe we haven’t had her for very long and we are looking forward to many happy years. A big thank you to everyone at Tiverton rehoming centre for trusting us to look after her.”  

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