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Our blog is written by our team of experts who are here to help you with your pet problems. They have extensive experience in veterinary care, animal behaviour and horse welfare.

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  • A farrierHappy feet: common horse hoof problems
    Posted on 30 Jul 2014
    Horses’ feet support their full weight over a very small area, so it’s really important to take good care of them.  There are a number of common ailments that can leave horse with not-so-happy feet, and in most cases of la... 
  • Duke the dogHeatstroke: keeping your pet safe in the heat
    Posted on 17 Jul 2014
    Don’t forget your pet during this summer’s heatwave. Read our top tips on how to avoid heatstroke in pets… Animals can suffer fatal heatstroke within minutes so it’s important to keep a close eye on them during hot... 
A farrierHappy feet: common horse hoof problemsPosted on 30 Jul 2014Horses’ feet support their full weight over a very small area, so it’s really important to take good care of them.  There are a number of common ailments that can leave horse with not-so-happy feet, and in most cases of la... Duke the dogHeatstroke: keeping your pet safe in the heatPosted on 17 Jul 2014Don’t forget your pet during this summer’s heatwave. Read our top tips on how to avoid heatstroke in pets… Animals can suffer fatal heatstroke within minutes so it’s important to keep a close eye on them during hot... HamsterHamsters as pets: what you need to knowPosted on 16 Jul 2014Hamsters are one of the nation’s favourite pets, but how much do you really know about them? Read our guide to find out more about this popular pet… Hamsters are one of the most popular animals to be kept as pets and live for ... Dog happyHow to stay safe around dogsPosted on 02 Jul 2014Dogs are part of the family, so it’s important that children and adults understand how the dogs who share our homes and communities behave. Here, Paul Hodson, Blue Cross Education Officer, reveals how knowing what signs to look out fo... LogoThe dangerous dog owner problem Posted on 30 Jun 2014New law changes mean dog owners are now legally responsible if their dog hurts someone on private property, but this alone won’t stop attacks says Blue Cross public affairs manager Rachel Cunningham… Earlier this year the coal... DukeSummer survival guide for dogsPosted on 24 Jun 2014Summer is here and it’s heating up out there. We've put together a few simple tips to help you make sure your dog stays safe, happy and healthy this summer...   Sunburn Pale-coloured pets are vulnerable to sunburn; particularl... Holiday dogTop tips: going on holiday with your dogPosted on 20 Jun 2014Dogs are part of the family and love time away with humans on a summer holiday. Planning ahead is essential, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you make sure you all have a great time… Taking pets abroad  If y... ScanMicrochipping: know the factsPosted on 18 Jun 2014From 2016, it will be compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped. A change in the law isn’t the only reason to get your pet chipped though - it can help keep your pet safe… Each year, Blue Cross takes in hundreds of stray cats... ClickerHow to clicker train your dogPosted on 16 Jun 2014Whether you’re inspired by World Cup footballers’ skills, or simply want to escape endless TV coverage, why not head to your local park and teach your dog a few tricks this summer? Dogs love to learn, and using a clicker is a fu... Cat summerSummer survival guide for catsPosted on 11 Jun 2014Now that the sun is high in the sky and temperatures are set to soar, take a few moments to read up on how to make sure your cat enjoys a happy and healthy holiday season.   Sunburn White and pale-coloured cats are vulnerable to sun... Sue and TahliaHappy birthday little Tahlia - two todayPosted on 09 Jun 2014Six months ago, Blue Cross foster carer Sue Gurney shared her tough but rewarding experience of caring for a kitten with special needs. Today, on Tahlia’s second birthday, we catch up with Sue to find out how they are getting along&he... FledglingI’ve found a fledgling bird – what should I do?Posted on 06 Jun 2014Blue Cross hospitals often take calls about fledgling birds from worried animal lovers who have found them in their gardens. But it’s perfectly normal to see baby birds sitting or hopping about and they’re usually best left wher... Barbara CochranePet loss – could you volunteer to help a grieving pet owner?Posted on 06 Jun 2014Losing a pet – whether through death or separation – is tough and can feel isolating. Our Pet Bereavement Support service is here to help thousands of people who are struggling to copy. We need new volunteers for this vital serv... Dolly and TamboYoung and unwanted – how overbreeding is fuelling the horse welfare crisisPosted on 04 Jun 2014Newborn horses can make even the toughest of people raise a smile, but as Kerry Taylor, Blue Cross Education Officer explains, many of the foals born this spring face an uncertain future… A few months ago it was hard to imagine we m... Education volunteer Kathryn SaundersVolunteering at Blue Cross – spotlight on educationPosted on 04 Jun 2014Education is a key tool for making sure the nation’s pets are happy and healthy, and our trained volunteer team has delivered talks to over 300,000 school children. Education volunteer Kathryn Saunders tells us why she enjoys her role... Natalia DoranInternet shopping: how Blue Cross volunteers are moderating online pet salesPosted on 03 Jun 2014As part of National Volunteers’ Week, we take a look at the wonderful work of our volunteers in more detail. Here, Online Research volunteer Natalia Doran tells us how surfing the web is helping pets in need… Nowadays, everyth... Nic and Phil PerksVolunteering in a Blue Cross charity shopPosted on 02 Jun 2014As part of Volunteers’ Week, Blue Cross is celebrating the amazing work that our team of more than 2,500 volunteers does to help pets. Our team of voluntary retail assistants is growing and each and every person is helping to make a d... CatUnlucky in love, these black cats need homesPosted on 30 May 2014Black cats are the most overlooked by potential cat owners. We are currently caring for around 320 black and black white moggies. Here are just a few of our black cats who can’t wait to get their paws on a new home… Esme Love... DogNice to meet you: introducing your dog to your familyPosted on 28 May 2014First impressions count. The first time you meet a dog can shape your feelings towards them for life, so it’s important to get things right. Read our introducing your dog advice to find out more…   Introducing dogs and c... CharliePoorly ex-stud dog Charlie wins hearts and minds, despite medical conditionPosted on 27 May 2014Years of being used and abused as a stud dog had meant Charlie’s skin condition was spiralling out of control. Thankfully, one family wasn’t put off by his medical issues and took him to a happy home… Little westie Charl... CatKnow the facts: neutering your catPosted on 22 May 2014Neutering your cat not only prevents the growing crisis of unwanted and abandoned kittens, but can have great health benefits for your pet too… What is neutering? Neutering is a surgical procedure that stops pets from being able to... CatIs my garden safe for pets?Posted on 22 May 2014Warmer weather means we spend more time enjoying the great outdoors with our pets, but dangers do lurk among the flower beds. Read our advice on keeping pets safe in the garden…   Which plants are poisonous to pets? Cats shou... CobsCan you give a cob a home?Posted on 20 May 2014Calling all horse owners! We need urgent assistance to give good homes to these beautiful young cobs. Can you help? During the first three months of 2014 Blue Cross admitted a third more horses and ponies than the same period last year, an... Photo of Angel in a collarGuardians help poorly dog Angel to shine brightPosted on 19 May 2014When Angel needed someone to watch over her, Blue Cross stepped in to help and she’s now in a happy home… Poorly pooch Angel arrived at Blue Cross when her owners could no longer afford her vet fees. They brought the beautifu... bunniesCan you make these Blue Cross rabbits happy bunnies?Posted on 16 May 2014Rabbits do much better together. Blue Cross has lots of bunnies looking for a companion this Rabbit Awareness Week. Read below to find out more…   Doris Beautiful house rabbit Doris enjoys home comforts but is very active an...