Orphaned kittens Jess, Mo and Greg are feeling like champions

03 Sep 2012

Three newborn kittens who were orphaned when they were just a day old have battled against the odds to survive after being hand reared at Blue Cross. 

Jess, Mo and Greg, named after our brave Team GB Olympic champions, needed all the strength they could muster after their homeless mum was hit by a car and died.

Intensive care

They were rescued from a back garden in south London and brought to our Victoria animal hospital where our nurses fed them every two hours around the clock. 

In between feeds they were placed in an incubator to keep them as healthy as possible. Sadly their sibling died and the prognosis for the three surviving kittens wasn’t great.  

But with expert care, they slowly began to grow in strength and now, at eight weeks old, they are typical, playful kittens who all have happy futures to look forward to.

Fresh start for the kittens  

They are currently at our Hertfordshire rehoming centre waiting to go to their new homes. 

Animal welfare assistant Emma Winter says: “They continue to eat well and their confidence and cheeky personalities have won them a host of fans. 

“Their favourite place to be is up on someone’s shoulders or snuggled up in bed together.” 

Emma adds: “All three have now been reserved. Mo and Jess will be staying together and Greg has a new family all to himself.”

We’ve looked after nearly a thousand kittens so far this year. If you’d like to give a happy home to a Blue Cross kitten, please visit our rehoming pages.