Some'Tinks good!

Three-year-old Tinks (below) is one of the cats at the Blue Cross Torbay centre currently looking for a happy new home. This sociable, curious puss would make a fantastic pet. Why not get in touch with our Torbay centre to find out if Tinks is the right cat for you?



Add colour to your life with a black and white cat!

18 Sep 2012

We are appealing to cat lovers to consider adding to their brood with one of our monochrome moggies who are desperately in need of a new home. 

Blue Cross has seen a drastic drop in rehoming figures – particularly when it comes to our black and white cats. So we’re appealing to cat lovers with extra space in their homes and extra love in their hearts to adopt one of our feline friends.

Trouble in Torbay

Our Torbay centre – which is one of 12 Blue Cross rehoming centres across the UK – has sadly seen a 20% drop in the number of people rehoming pets from them so far this year, compared to the same period last year.

Until some cats are rehomed the centre is unable to take in any more needy pets.

Torbay centre manager Tim Sillis said: “We’re not sure why fewer people are adopting cats, but the situation here is really desperate. 

Waiting and waiting...

Black and white cat on sofa

“We are bursting at the seams with cats and we also have a waiting list of more waiting to come into us.

“There are so many animals in need of homes that we are even having to turn away some animals as we simply don’t have any more space.”

Around 15 of the cats currently at the Torbay centre are black and white - including the lovely Tinks.

Colourful characters

“Sadly, they always seem to get overlooked in favour of the more unusual colours. But all our cats are really colourful characters who deserve loving new homes," Tim Sillis added.

Black and white kittens in litter trays