Could you give a small Blue Cross pet a home this winter?

16 Nov 2012

Although many of our homeless pets are cats and dogs, Blue Cross is urging animal lovers to remember that we also have lots of small animals looking for love.  

We’ve taken in more than 400 unwanted small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, degus and chinchillas, so far this year. 

We thought we would share our love of all things small by updating you on the tales of these furry friends who are currently at our Blue Cross Burford rehoming centre.


Holly and IvyHolly the rabbit

Holly (pictured) and Ivy are two beautiful Himalayan rabbits who were found straying in a field near a Gloucestershire village.

Luckily a passerby managed to catch Holly, but Ivy was too quick and ran away so she wasn’t caught until a few days later.

Both rabbits were in a good condition with no medical problems, so we have no idea why they ended up living as strays. 

Holly and Ivy are currently at our rehoming centre looking for a new home – and they’d both like to live with a friendly, neutered male companion. 


DegusOne of the degus

Degus Kellogs, Snap, Crackle and Pop came to Blue Cross because their owner no longer had the time to care for them. 

They are all very friendly and sociable pets who love running around their cage, exploring and playing. 

Degus originally come from Chile and they’re diurnal, which means that they’re active during the day. They need to live in groups as they get very lonely on their own. 

Read our factsheet about degus to find out more about these lovely animals. 


ChewyChewy the guinea pig

Chewy is a handsome two-year-old guinea pig who loves nothing more than to munch on some tasty fresh grass and explore his surroundings. 

Chewy is a friendly boy and he’d love new owners who can spend lots of time with him so he can grow in confidence. 

Guinea pigs are fun to watch and have a varied vocabulary, so once you get to know them it is possible to tell when they are happy, sad, excited or angry. 

Gentle by nature, guinea pigs can be a good first-time companion for a child (as long as there is considerable parental interest).

If you love small pets too and would like to give one a home, please visit our rehoming pages for more details.

Not sure which pet would suit your lifestyle? Have a look at our factsheet about choosing the right small pet