Blue Cross response to allegations in the media

22 Feb 2014

You may have read an article in the media regarding Blue Cross.  Please find a comment from Zair Berry, the Chairman of our Board of Trustees:

“The Trustees of Blue Cross ensure that Blue Cross funds are always focused on helping pets and we are hugely proud of all our teams and the work they do.

“Like in any organisation sometimes it is appropriate to ask people to leave under a compromise agreement. These protect the privacy of those involved. This course of action is never taken lightly and only considered when it’s in the best interests of Blue Cross. Any allegations to the contrary are utterly unfounded.

“With our new interim CEO we are taking a fresh look at our operations and will be listening very hard to our teams and supporters.  We will take any appropriate action that is deemed necessary.

“We are extremely disappointed the Daily Mail has based their article on unsubstantiated rumour. We are also deeply saddened that they continue to speculate on the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mel Brown, a much loved colleague and friend, which remains the subject of a coroner’s investigation. Our thoughts continue to be with her family and friends.

“We are lucky to have truly dedicated people here at Blue Cross and through these challenging times we continue to focus on our vital work helping pets in need.”