Animal advocate determined to make a difference

23 Jan 2012

When Gemma Adams sets her mind on something, nothing gets in her way. This year she is well on her way to achieving two of her goals – advocating for animal welfare and running in the London marathon.

“With two beagles of my own, I’ve always been passionate about raising money for animal charities. I admire the work of The Blue Cross and wanted to find a way to support it,” says Gemma.

Gemma says she has always dreamed of running in the London marathon, so she signed up to enter as a Blue Cross supporter.

“It’s not just about raising money, but about spreading the word on responsible pet care and making people aware that support is out there,” says Gemma. 

Despite facing her own personal tragedies last year, Gemma is more determined than ever to reach her goals.

“I don’t give up on anything! If I’m having a difficult day or feeling tired when I’m training, I carry on because I know the difference I can make for The Blue Cross,” says Gemma.

So far, Gemma has organised numerous events to raise money. A recent dog show raised nearly £300, and on New Year’s Day she jumped into the Cornish sea.

“You have to believe every step of the way that you can do it, and you’ll be surprised at how many people out there want to support you. I recently received a £50 donation from someone I had never met.

“It’s about doing as much as possible to get the message out there.”

We need people like you to become animal heroes for us. There are many ways you can become an animal hero, from volunteering your time to completing an active challenge or making a donation.

Many of our pets are desperately seeking their own animal heroes to give them a new home today. Can you give an animal a loving home?