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Muzzle training

You might not think your dog needs a muzzle but this is an important piece of training for any dog owner.

Blue Cross behaviourist Claire Stallard demonstrates how to train your dog to wear a muzzle. 

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Top tips to take away

  • Muzzles are an ideal solution for taking fearful dogs to the vet or out in public
  • It is vital your dog associates wearing a muzzle with positivity and fun
  • Take your time with muzzle training - do not be tempted to put it on your dog straightaway
  • Be prepared for the fact your dog may need a muzzle someday - you never know how your dog will react until it is in a frightening situation
  • Baskerville-style muzzles are the kindest
  • If you dog does have a problem (with other dogs, wildlife, humans) it is your responsibility to keep him/her safe
  • For easy visibility, purchase a muzzle that is a contrasting colour to your dogs coat
  • Learn more about muzzle training on our pet advice pages