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Abandoned puppies search for new homes

Three puppies found dumped in a crate on the doorstep of a Blue Cross animal hospital in London are now looking for homes.

The American bulldog crossbreeds, who were thought to be just seven weeks old when they were abandoned, were ravenous and wolfed down a tray of puppy food the moment they were offered it by our team on Friday last week (11 August).

We named them Rose, Dorothy and Blanche, after characters from classic hit TV show The Golden Girls.

Each puppy was given a full examination by vets at our Hammersmith animal hospital and then transferred to our central London facility in Victoria, which cares for sick and injured pets 24/7.

The puppies were given a full examination by vets and found to be in good health, apart from being very hungry.

Because they were abandoned, we had no opportunity to ask their owner about any potential health issues they may have been suffering from.

Thankfully our expert vets and nurses know how to care for unwanted and abandoned pets such as these dogs and we found them to be in good health, apart from being very hungry.

Rose, Dorothy and Blanche were given flea and worming treatments, vaccinated and microchipped, and our team kept a close eye on them over the weekend.

Once they got the all-clear to travel, they made their way to our Southampton rehoming centre on Monday (14 August) to begin their search for a new home.

Rose, Dorothy and Blanche are now at our Southampton rehoming centre looking for new homes.

Blue Cross always recommends to people who are struggling to look after a pet that they call us first, rather than abandoning them outside one of our buildings. We will offer help and advice in whatever way we can.

Dumping animals without warning means we have to urgently deal with the situation while trying to care for our hospitalised patients, and if we don’t know a pet has been left, the pet could escape and become hurt.

We also encourage owners to neuter their pets to avoid unwanted litters.

To find out about rehoming Rose, Dorothy or Blanche, click here.