Bite-sized biscuits in a glass ramekin on a chopping board

Halloween treats for cats

These delicious pumpkin treats will keep your cat happy and are a perfect way to get them involved in the Halloween celebrations. 

What you’ll need


•    395g tin of salmon or tuna in water (drained) 
•    75g of pumpkin puree
•    45g of oats
•    One egg
•    Two tbsp coconut oil


•    Weighing scales
•    A blender
•    Tin opener
•    Mixing bowl and wooden spoon
•    Baking tray

Note: Treats should be given occasionally and alongside a well-balanced diet. These treats aren’t suitable for cats with special dietary requirements. 


1)    Pop your oats into a blender and blend until they look like flour
2)    Drain the tinned fish
3)    Combine the rest of your ingredients in a mixing bowl
4)    Form the mixture into biscuits into whatever shape you like
5)    Bake for 25-30 mins on 160°c
6)    Cool down and serve

These biscuits will keep for three to four days.


•    Carefully check the ingredients and do not feed if your cat is allergic to any of them
•    When feeding your cat any new food that is not a part of their usual diet, there is a risk of an upset stomach
•    Feed in moderation. Depending on the size of your cat, you may wish to feed a smaller dinner portion after giving them treats to keep your cat at a healthy weight. 


— Page last updated 22/09/2021