Black and white cat Pickle enjoys lounging in her new home.

Cat advice

Whether you're considering rehoming a cat or need some veterinary advice, we've got plenty of guidance to help keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

A black and white cat enjoys being groomed by a Blue Cross staff member.

Wellbeing and care

From deciding to get a cat, right through to making the difficult decision to say goodbye. Here you'll find information on daily care for happy, healthy pets.
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A tabby cat is assessed and cleaned by two Blue Cross vets.

Health and injuries

Routine check-up? Or is there something you'd like to know about your cat's condition? Our vet advice is here to give you the information you need to know.
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A black cat eating from a silver food dish.

Food and weight

Keeping your cat in shape can help them to stay healthy. Discover advice from our vets on what your cat can and can't eat, how to manage their weight and fun recipes for you to try!
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A young tabby kitten plays with a colourful cat wand.

Behaviour and training

Our trained animal behaviourists are here for you with advice, whether your pet is struggling in certain situations or you're just looking to teach them some tricks!
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Cat pouncing on toy

Should you get a cat?

Thinking about getting a kitten or a cat? Find out whether a cat is the right pet for you, top tips for choosing a cat, and what you'll need to prepare for your pet.
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Kitten microchip

Microchipping your cat

A microchip can help to identify your cat. As of 10 June 2024 it will be a legal requirement to microchip cats in England. Find out more about microchipping your pet.
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