What is a healthy body score?

Now that you know what body score your horse is, look at the body score guide to assess if he is in a healthy range. Decide which category he is in from the list on the top of the chart and look down to see how he’s doing.

Body score guide

It should not make a difference if the horse is in work or not. Body score 4 and over is still fat! If a horse goes up to 4 in the summer, or when he is on holiday, but always loses the weight again, then it is less dangerous than a horse who stays at body score 4, or is gaining weight.

Horses that have had laminitis should not ever be allowed to get fatter than a body score 3 – you should be able to feel their ribs.

Chronic laminitics, those prone to repeated bouts of laminitis should be no fatter than condition score 2.5 – you should be able to see their ribs. This does not mean that these animals are starved or in poor health. In fact they should be in great health, just not carrying any excess fat.

  • If your horse’s body score is 4.5 or more you must take immediate action, you are on Red alert! If your horse has not already suffered laminitis he is getting close to it. Go to Red Alert to find out how to diet your horse – get your fat horse slim!
  • If the body score is 3.5 or over then warning bells should be ringing - your horse is still overweight and you should be on Amber Alert.
  • If your horse’s body score is steady and from the body score chart you know he is at a healthy weight for his type, go to Green Alert to find out how to maintain this.
— Page last updated 18/06/2020