A Blue Cross groom stands with two young ponies.

Horse advice

Whether you're considering rehoming a horse or need some veterinary advice, we've got plenty of guidance to help keep your equine happy and healthy.

A pony grazes in the field with three foals.

Wellbeing and care

From deciding to get a horse, right through to making the difficult decision to say goodbye. Here you'll find information on daily care for happy, healthy horses.
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A grey pony has their teeth checked by a Blue Cross groom.

Health and injuries

Routine check-up? Or is there something you'd like to know about your horse's condition? Our vet advice is here to give you the information you need to know.
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Mary King feeds a horse from a feeding bowl.

Food and weight

Keeping horses in shape can help them to stay healthy. Discover advice from our vets on what your horse can and can't eat, how to manage their weight and fun recipes!
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A pony is exercised by their owner in hand in a paddock.

Behaviour and training

Our trained animal behaviourists are here for you with advice, whether your pet is struggling in certain situations or you're just looking to teach them some tricks!
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Young pony grazing in a field

Horse care on a budget

When budgeting for your horse, there are some essential areas of horse care where corners should never be cut. Find out how to save money on daily care.
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Foals in a field

Equine documentation

A passport and microchip are both required for your horse. We've got you covered on all you need to know about microchipping and passporting your horse.
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