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Blind dog relies on his dad to get around

A young blind pooch is finding his way in life with the help of his own special guide dog – his dad.

White bichon frise Stevie, aged 18 months, was born blind due to microphthalmia – a condition which means the eyes do not develop properly.

Stevie’s father, three-year-old black shih tzu Max, has taken on the role as guide dog for his son.

The pair came to Blue Cross in Burford, Oxfordshire, for rehoming from a charity in Wales after their previous owner had to make the difficult decision to give them up due to ill health.

Laura Crofts, Small Animal Unit Manager at Blue Cross Burford, said: “Max takes good care of Stevie – he helps his son to get around and gives him confidence. It’s really sweet to see the strong bond they have - they really are inseparable.

“Stevie takes it all in his stride as long as Max is by his side and doesn’t let his condition get in the way of life at all. They’re both very friendly and love everyone and everything. They’ll make the perfect addition to any family.

“It must have been such a difficult decision for their previous owner but they made the right decision as responsible pet lovers to rehome their two dogs as they could no longer look after them through no fault of their own.

“Blind pets can make as good a pet as any other. They just need a bit of time to settle into their new surroundings and to get used to the layout of their new home. We advise owners to keep household furniture and the pet’s possessions, such as their water bowl and litter tray, in the same place so that the pet cat or dog can build up a mental map of their new home. A secure garden is also a must.” 

Stevie and Max have already been found a home and are due to depart for their new life soon.