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Blue Cross finds cat a home after accident ordeal

A lovable lap cat has found a home after spending nearly three months recovering from a suspected road accident.

Dusty was found at the roadside and arrived at Blue Cross with a fractured pelvis as well as a dislocated hip – the likely result of being hit by a car.

Vets at our Victoria animal hospital in central London decided that the best way to treat the black cat, who is about five years old, was with strict cage rest to allow his pelvis to heal before an operation to repair his hip.

So after a couple of weeks recuperating from his ordeal at the hospital, he was transferred to our Southampton rehoming centre where he continued his recovery ahead of surgery.

Dusty was found at the roadside with a shattered pelvis and dislocated hip.

Amanda Marrington, London Welfare Officer, said: “Thankfully Dusty’s pelvis could heal itself with rest, but his hip was dislocated and badly damaged.

“Our vets decided that the best way to fix it would be with an operation called a femoral head and neck excision. It basically means that the ball joint at the top of the thigh bone is removed altogether and held in place by the muscles surrounding it. The surgery is known to work very well in cats.

“But before we could do this, we had to make sure that Dusty’s pelvis healed. It must have been frustrating for him, but he was a brilliant patient.”

Dusty returned to our Victoria hospital mid-August for the surgery, which was a success.

He has spent nearly three months recuperating at Blue Cross and is now ready to find a home.

He went back to our Southampton centre soon after and since then the team have been helping him to build up strength. Lots more rest was needed initially, but gentle exercise was gradually introduced until Dusty was finally ready to go off to a loving home.

Katy Trout, Animal Welfare Assistant at Southampton, said: “Poor Dusty has been through a lot and has quite understandably been feeling really unsettled at times. But he has been very brave and patient all the way through his ordeal.

“We’re so pleased that he’s made such a good recovery and has now found a loving home where he’ll always be safe.

“Dusty is absolutely gorgeous and a real lap cat; he would happily sit on your lap all day purring away. We just know he is going to make a special pet to his lucky new owner.”