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Book a FREE RespectaBULL talk

RespectaBULL is also a powerful, free workshop for young people.

What’s involved?

Designed to be run as a workshop with groups of young people, the project aims to stimulate debate and discussion around the issues of responsible dog ownership, antisocial behaviour and the law.

Who’s it for?

The workshop is for groups of young people, aged from 11 to 25 years old. We run them for youth groups, probationers and prisoners to help reduce reoffending either as a stand-alone talk or as part of a wider programme. It’s also an ideal subject matter for PHSE and citizenship lessons in schools.

Some recent testimonials from schools and probation services

"They will have a better understanding of the problems and responsibilities of owning a dog."

"An excellent interactive presentation that kept school excluders occupied and interested for over 90 minutes."

"Increased knowledge of dog related matters, good input which will assist them in their everyday life."

Are you registered to offer the AQA Unit Award Scheme?

If yes, a certificate of achievement can be gained through organising and completing the RespectaBULL workshop.

AQA Unit Award Scheme number 73556 - view the unit details