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BowWow Haus London Participants: Architects and Artists

BowWow Haus London: Russian For Fish

BowWow Haus London Architects and Designers

Adam Knibb Architects - Winchester

A.H.A. Design– London

ASB Architecture – London

Atelier EURA – London

Austin-Smith: Lord - Glasgow

Brian o'Tuama Architects– London

Barbara Irakoska - London

Carl Trenfield Architects - Canterbury

Chris Dyson Architects – London

Christina Fallah, Sterling Studios & Lightplan - London

Condy Lofthouse - Liverpool

D5 Architects – Birmingham

Denizen Works Ltd. - London

Depth Architects - Portsmouth

Design Haus Liberty with Banda Property – London

DLM Architects - Guernsey

FT Architects – London

Freddy Reade for Hiro + Wolf - Kent/London
[email protected]

Green Tea Architects – London

Gruff Ltd. - London

Hasan Al-Rashid, student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture - London

Jason Hornby the Pet and Animal Photographer - Shrewsbury

JH - Collective kittycat - Norwich

Jo Letchford - Hythe

Interrobang – London

Laura D'Alessandro of Henson Franklyn for Pet Plan - London

Lewis Visuals Architectural Design - Surrey

make:good – London

Pinto Associates Architecture & Design - Frome

PLYable Design and EDable Architecture- Blyth 

Roselind Wilson Design - London

Russian For Fish – London

RX Architects - East Sussex

Sarah Bentley - Cambridgeshire
[email protected]

Scales and Models - London

Shiro Studio - London

SimpsonHaugh - London

Studio Lisboeta - London

Studio Octopi - London

Studio Shaw - London

TLA Studio – London

Travis Alan Mills and Chop Shop CNC - Manchester

WHAT Architecture – London

Yelo Architects – Brighton

Zac Monro Architects - London

Zaha Hadid Architects - London

BowWow Haus London Artists

Anne Schwegmann-Fielding - Colchester

Mosaic Happy - Farnham

Francesca Busca Mosaics - London

Glass Mosaics Art Glass Designs Studio - Exeter

Ivan Djidev- London

Jane Perkins - Devon

Miranda Knight Mosaics - Avon

Natalie Guy Mosaics - Bournemouth

Hubcap Creatures - Brighton

Emil Minkov Mosaics - Berkshire

Serena de la Hey - Somerset

Sue Penrose Mosaics - Brighton

Tamara Froud Mosaic Art – London

BowWow Haus London, North America Participants: Architects and Artists

Chelsea Commodari
[email protected]
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Silas Beach & Dee Rodriques
[email protected]
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Rich Brown

Jules Burt
Fabrication by Curry Baker

Martha Deambrose and students from Tampa Preparatory School
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Sally Evans
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Rosa Gamarra

Fleischman Garcia Architects

Eileen Goldenberg
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Greta Kusterbeck from Tons of Tile
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Jay Goulde, Jess Wirts, Troy and Carolyn Secor
Sponsored by Avon Modular
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Jay Goulde, Matt Maynard and Erik Palmgren
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Jeff Monsein

Stephanie Ong
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Derek Ray from Embrace Forever

Allison Redd
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Heather Richardson
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

Rasta Geary Taylor

Jim Warren
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

BowWow Haus London, Asia Participants: Architects and Artists

Spark - Singapore

BowWow Haus London, South America Participants: Architects and Artists

Joanne Osborn - Venezuela
Fabrication by JCON Commercial

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