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Cheeky kitten Gus adapts to life on three legs

Poor little Gus fell out of a window three-storeys up and hurt his leg.

The curious kitten had never been outside before, and wanted to explore before he was ready.

His worried owner rushed him to our Victoria animal hospital in central London, where our dedicated team of vets and nurses checked him over.

We ran some tests to check for any internal injuries that aren’t as immediately obvious as a poorly leg. Luckily he had no major damage to his chest or tummy.

Gus’s owner could no longer care for him, and asked us to find the cheeky young cat a loving new home once he was better.

Gus was finding it difficult to put any weight on his front right leg. Despite no obvious signs of a fracture, an X-ray revealed he had a broken elbow which would cause him long term pain if it was left to heal on its own. Our only option to save Gus from a lifetime of suffering was to amputate his leg.

Amanda Marrington, Blue Cross Welfare Officer, said: “Gus is recovering really quickly from his operation and isn’t at all bothered by having lost a leg. He loves to play and charge around, so the team have had their hands full trying to keep him calm so he can get some rest!

“As you can imagine, he hasn’t been short of cuddles and our nurses have been giving him much-needed TLC.”

We also neutered and microchipped Gus, and treated him for fleas and worms, before Blue Cross Ambulance Driver Lee Nash drove him up to our Burford rehoming centre to begin his search for a new home once he is fully fit.