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Could you give tripawd pup Nina the loving home she deserves?

Nina looks at the camer

Somewhere in between being passed from pillar to post, puppy Nina fractured her elbow.

Poor Nina has had several homes in her five months of life, and we’re not sure which one she was in when she was injured.

Photo shows a side-on view of Nina. Her front right leg is missing and in its place is a stitched wound. The fur around where her leg was has been shaved.
Nina's injury had been left too long to save her leg, but she is adapting to life as a tripawd really well

Nina’s most recent owners brought her to us when they realised she needed help. They had only owned her for one week, and had bought her from a friend, who in turn had purchased her from someone else two weeks before that.

In all this time, no one had thought to get medical help for Nina. Sadly, by the time her new owner brought her to us, the injury was weeks old.

X-rays confirmed that the injury was beyond repair. Had we patched Nina up as best we could, at best she would have suffered from long term joint pain.

The only option was to amputate Nina’s front right leg.

Amanda Marrington, Welfare Officer at our Victoria animal hospital in central London, said: “Sadly, had whoever owned Nina at the time of her accident brought her straight to us, we would have been able to save her leg.

“Being the little trooper that she is, Nina coped extremely well with the amputation and was back up on her paws in no time at all.”

Nina with two other dogs in her foster home
Nina had a great time in Blue Cross foster care and loved spending time with her canine pals

She won over the whole team, and everyone at the hospital found it very difficult to walk past her kennel without stopping for a cuddle.

After her amputation, Nina’s owners decided they couldn’t care for a tripawd and asked us to find her a loving new home.

Our Tiverton rehoming centre in Devon is now seeking that special someone who can give Nina all the love and attention she deserves.

Nina is a really sweet pup who is very loving and just wants a fuss; just like any typical Staffordshire bull terrier.

If rehoming Nina would make your family complete, find out more about her and apply to give her a home now.