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Dear Santa - letter for pets

Pets need your help this Christmas


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Dear Santa,

This Christmas, my wish is that unwanted pets get the happy homes they deserve - just like I did thanks to Blue Cross. 

I remember what it was like being out there all on my own. At first I was afraid, I was petrified, but when that kind bunch stepped in to take care of me things started looking up. I'd never known a happy home before, and this year I'm looking forward to my first Christmas as part of a loving family. I even overheard my new owner saying I was going to get a stocking!

Life wasn't always this good for me though. There are so many homeless pets like Cookie, Tigger and Xena who still need help and love this Christmas. I hope you'll visit them on the 25th too.

Love, Baxter.

Dear Santa...

This year I've really tried to be a good boy - paws crossed that means you'll visit!

At nine years old I'm no spring chicken, so a new bed with a comfy blanket would be just the ticket, if you would be so kind? My friends here at Blue Cross say I have a bit of a wonky smile ('character' they call it) - but they say they haven't seen me smile properly in a while. So, please could you help find me a loving new family for Christmas?

Yours hopefully, Cookie xx

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Baxter, Blue Cross Advert dog