Derby pet care clinic

Derby pet care clinic
  • Address
    Scarsdale Vets, 247 Chellaston Road, Shelton Lock, Derby, DE24 9EG
  • Telephone 0300 777 1870
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Blue Cross Derby pet care clinic is based at Scarsdale Vets in Shelton Lock, Derby and provides subsidised veterinary treatment for pets whose owners couldn’t otherwise afford it.

The partnership between Blue Cross and Scarsdale Vets will mean that, together, both organisations can help many more pets in the Derby area.

The clinic offers:

  • Consultations and a broad range of treatments
  • Worm and flea treatment
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping – For more information, please click here
  • Advice for pet owners
  • Neutering – For more information, please click here

Call today to find out more: 0300 777 1870

Is my pet eligible for treatment?

Your pet needs to be registered before you can use the clinic and you’ll need to live in our catchment area, which has been extended and now covers the following postcodes:

DE1, DE21, DE22, DE23, DE24, DE72 and DE73

You also need to be on one of the following means-tested benefits:

  • Pension credit (not the standard state retirement pension)
  • Housing benefit
  • Income support
  • Working tax credit (not child tax credit)
  • Council tax benefit (not 25% single person discount)
  • Income based jobseeker’s allowance
  • Income based employment support
  • Universal credit

How many pets can I register?

You can register up to two pets per household. Unfortunately we can’t allow you to register any more than two, even if you have more pets. This is because we want to help as many people and their pets as we can.

How much will it cost?

Blue Cross will subsidise the cost of your pet’s treatment, the majority of which is available on a donation basis with affordable charges for some treatments and out of hours consultations. For more information please click here for our current prices. We’re a charity so we ask that you do make a donation towards the cost of your pet’s care each time you use our services.

We don’t receive any money from the government and we rely on your support so that we can continue to help thousands of sick, injured and homeless pets every year.

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