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Doggy dates help celebs find their perfect pet

Laura Tott from First Dates sits at a restaurant table with Boris the shih tzu

Soulful eyes, long hair, big smile – what does your dream dog look like? Many of us have an idea of our perfect pooch in mind, but when dogs are chosen on their looks alone it can all end in disaster.

Blue Cross finds new homes for thousands of dogs every year. Sometimes things simply haven’t worked out because the pet wasn’t right for the owner’s lifestyle, and it can be heartbreaking for all involved when the dog needs to find a new home. In a bid to reduce the heartache of splitting up, Blue Cross hosted a special event for dog lovers to encourage potential owners to find out all about their potential pup before diving into a lifetime relationship.

At Paternoster Chop House in London’s St Paul’s, we recorded what happened at the ‘doggy dating’ event with celebrities meeting a variety of different breeds and their owners. Guests included Towie’s Chloe Meadows, Love Island’s Dr Alex George, and First Dates’ Laura Tott who all enjoyed getting to know a whole host of pooches based on their personalities, rather than simply love at first sight.

On hand to offer advice on avoiding those dating fails was a team of Blue Cross pet experts, including Senior Behaviourist Ryan Neile. Ryan says: “Over a third of the dogs admitted to Blue Cross for rehoming last year were aged one year old or younger, which tells us that a lot of people are unfortunately not prepared for the realities of what sharing their lives together entails. Dogs are immensely rewarding and become part of our families in a flash, but this is not without its challenges if the breed does not match your lifestyle.

“Just as we look for the perfect match when we seek love with dating, it is important we consider the same values when looking to welcome a new four-legged friend into the family. After all, we are picky with our partners, so it’s an excellent approach to consider with pets.”

Top tips for avoiding canine calamity

  • Don’t fall for the first pet you meet. Get to know them, take them out (for a walk), think carefully about how they will match your lifestyle.
  • Hate long walks in all weathers and getting up early? Then reconsider choosing a husky or other Arctic breed type. A greyhound might make a more suitable suitor.
  • Puppies are cute but we won’t lie, they’re hard work! Consider a more mature match where you’ll have a better idea of their personality.
  • Each breed has their own individual character traits, energy levels and grooming necessities, all of which all need to be carefully considered

— Page last updated 28/10/2019