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Ex-indoor kitten River looking for home with outdoor space and lots to do

Ex-indoor kitten River looking for home with outdoor space and lots to do
Blue Cross urges more mental stimulation for indoor cats

The team at Blue Cross rehoming centre in Torbay has been working tirelessly to help one of its current residents, former indoor-cat River, get ready to find a new home. Now she’s comfortable, beautifully behaved and eager to explore the outdoors, ten-month-old kitten River would love a home to call her own. 

River was brought into the care of the team after developing some behavioural issues due to not being able to go outside in her previous home; whilst not all cats can have access to outdoors, indoor cats do need much more mental stimulation to prevent them from getting bored and developing undesired behaviour. The Torbay team has built a wonderful relationship with River, and she’s now a well-behaved, affectionate lady who’d make a fabulous pet.

Jo Dempsey, Animal Welfare Assistant, Blue Cross Torbay says: “River is a very sweet and affectionate girl who likes attention on her own terms. She has lots of kitten-like energy which means she loves to play and explore; she has certainly been very entertaining. We’re excited for her to start her new outdoor life and we’re sure she’s going to make a wonderful pet.” 

It’s important to provide cats with lots to do and this even more so with indoor cats. Having a variety of toys but changing them around every few days to keep things interesting is a good way to keep them alert; this also includes having different enrichment toys such as water fountains and food puzzle activities. 

The team at the centre dedicated two team members to focus on helping to build a positive relationship with River. Over a week of letting her out of her pen, lots of playtime with a purely ‘hands-off’ approach and plenty of places to explore, she very quickly calmed down and the true River started to appear.

River is looking for owners who will be able to give her the time to settle in. She is looking for outdoor space with lots of interesting things to do and play with. She would need to be the only pet and could possibly live with older children who understand her needs. 

Jo adds: “There are exceptions of course where cats choose to be indoors or have to be for medical or behavioural issues. In any case, we urge cat owners who need to keep their cats indoors to make sure they have lots of toys to play with and lots of mental stimulation. 

“Some other suggestions of enrichment for an indoor cat would be to create boxes of shredded paper or leaves (bringing the outside in as we call it, but be careful with different plants as some may be toxic to cats, ask a vet to make sure) or branches. Owners can grow cat grass or catnip indoors too and provide fun games like filling small litter trays with water and putting floating balls in with it.” 

The most important thing to do is make sure activities are changed from to time, so it keeps the indoor cat’s mind active and things interesting the house. They also tend to need a lot more time spent with them playing, that is, if they like to play. Owners should get to know their cat and know what it likes to do; this will help alleviate boredom and help create the best environment for them indoors.

To find out more about rehoming River or another pet at Torbay, or to make a donation towards their care, visit or contact the centre on 0300 777 1550 or [email protected] 


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