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Football fan Alfie searches for a lifelong team mate

A football-loving dog is hoping to strike up a bond with someone over a kick around after spending more than five months waiting for a new home.

Alfie, an 18-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross lurcher, is sadly being overlooked by potential owners due to his size - and kennel life is beginning to take its toll on him.

The brindle coloured boy was brought to Blue Cross in March as his owner, who had him from a puppy, had to work long hours and Alfie was struggling being on his own.

But he is now the longest term resident at our Thirsk rehoming centre in Yorkshire and is growing increasingly lonely as he waits for a new home.

He is a little shy but comes out of his shell when he's chasing a football, and is desperate to find a team mate to spend the rest of his life playing the 'beautiful game' with.

Lyn Henderson, Animal Behaviour Coordinator, said: “I think he has been overlooked because he is a bull and lurcher mix, and there are thousands out there looking for homes.

“He's a big, strong dog with speed and strength and some potential owners have found him to be too big. And because he takes a while to trust you, his character doesn't win them over on a first meet.

“But Alfie loves football and it's a great way to interact with him without putting too much pressure on him.

“Although he is coping in kennels, he is really fed up. Alfie would love to find a home where it was just him and an owner. He loves a one-to-one relationship and would enjoy being the centre of someone's world. 

“He’s a shy guy and will need lots of gentle handling and some further basic training, but he will make a lively, playful and interactive pet once he gets to know you.”

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