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Greedy cat who stole food looks for new home to lose weight

Muffin, nine, tipped the scales at 9.5kg when she arrived with Blue Cross, more than double the weight of an average cat.

An obese cat whose bulging waistline is the result of her stealing food from her former feline housemates is now on a diet and in search of a new home.

Nine-year-old Muffin arrived at the Blue Cross rehoming service at Solihull College in the West Midlands weighing a massive 9.5 kilos, which is more than twice that of an average, healthy cat.

She had come from a home with six other cats and had been pinching their meals as well as gobbling up her own.

Katie Radcliffe, Rehoming Network Manager at Blue Cross, said: “We could not believe the size of Muffin when she came to us needing a new home.

She was admitted along with a cat called Arnold who was a regular size. They are looking for separate homes and Muffin will need to continue her diet to make sure she keeps a slimmer waistline in future.“ 

Blue Cross teamed up with Solihull College in 2012. The students care for homeless cats and help find them new homes as part of their animal welfare courses.

The students are making sure Muffin sheds some extra pounds and are looking for new owners will who will keep her greedy tendencies in check.

Can you give her a home?