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‘Handbag dog’ figures double as Yorkies top the most unwanted list

Yorkie pups

Yorkshire terriers have topped the most unwanted ‘handbag dog’ list.

Although they are still firm favourites with celebrities, diminutive dogs are not faring as well in the real world. The sweet breed falls out of fashion with owners once they realise the realities of dog ownership are harder than following celebrity trends.

Last year, despite being favourites of celebrities like Simon Cowell and Johnny Depp, the number of Yorkshire terriers handed into Blue Cross rehoming centres has increased by over 40 per cent in the last five years.

Kellie Brookes, Blue Cross Rehoming Centre Manager, says: “Sadly, people often think these little dogs won’t be much trouble to care for and it’s often too late when they realise they don’t have time. People may also think that breeding ‘handbag’ pups is a good way to make a bit of money, but it can be more difficult to find good homes for them than you imagine.”

An unwanted litter of five Yorkshire terrier puppies was handed into a Blue Cross centre last week. The eight-week-old pups are just a handful of the ever increasing number of unwanted handbag dogs in need of new homes every year.

Kellie added: “Celebrities may have people to look after their pets for them, but for most of us even little dogs like these Yorkies pups are going to take up time with their training and exercise needs if we want them to be happy and well-behaved.

“A little bit of research about a pet’s needs before taking the plunge can save a lot of heartache later on.”