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Heartfelt appeal: Stray dog with poorly knee seeks very special new owner

Darling dog Phillipe is looking for a very special new home with a very special and understanding owner.

The young lad is a former stray so we’ve no idea about his background, but having got to know him well while he’s been in our care, we can tell you he’s a real bright spark who loves people. He is full of fun, very cheeky, and never fails to make you laugh.

But one thing is holding this one-year-old lurcher back – his poorly knee.

Sweet lad Phillipe will recover from an essential knee operation much more quickly in a home environment than in our kennels

Laura O’Sullivan, Blue Cross Animal Welfare Assistant who is caring for Phillipe, said: “Phillipe has been diagnosed with an issue called a ‘luxating patella’, which means his knee cap dislocates from the correct position. He needs surgery to fix this, which we will arrange for him.”

Recovery from this operation will take two weeks of rest, followed by short, on-lead exercise only for six weeks. Because of this, we’d like to find Phillipe a loving home before he has the surgery so he can get over his surgery with home comforts all around him and avoid the stress of kennels.

Laura added: “Our veterinary team will carry out the operation and be on hand to help with Phillipe’s recovery, but we think he’d be so much happier recovering in a home than a kennel. We can’t wait to see this lovely boy in the loving home he deserves.”

Phillipe is a clever boy who loves solving puzzle games and enjoys clicker training. The team at our Tiverton rehoming centre in Devon have been making sure he gets lots of mental stimulation to keep his mind sharp and stop him from becoming bored.

Kerry Hall, Blue Cross Animal Welfare Assistant, said: “Phil loves training sessions and he’s mastered so much already. He knows how to sit, is clicker trained, and walks brilliantly on a loose lead.

“We have also helped him to become comfortable with getting in and out of cars so we can now travel to the river and countryside away from the centre for walks. Phil is so happy on walks and really is in his element with all the different smells to sniff.

“He loves to play with toys, particularly soft ones, and spends lots of time in our ‘home room’, where he enjoys lots of chill time and snoozing and preparing for life in a family home. He is a lovely boy who will make a lovely companion.”

If you could be that special person who can take a chance on Phillipe, please contact our Tiverton centre today.