Two lifelong friends are desperately searching for a home together but are sadly being overlooked by potential new owners.

Saluki crosses Max and Bella have always lived with each other and are inseparable; they curl up in the same bed each night and thrive when they are side by side.

Max, nine, is nervous about lots of things, but in the company of his best pal he gains confidence. Meanwhile, Bella, seven, is visibly more anxious in her friend’s absence.

Bella outside in the sunshine
Bella outside enjoying some fresh air at our Lewknor rehoming centre.

But the lovable dogs have now been at our Lewknor centre in Oxfordshire for more than 50 days with little interest.

Daniel Cairney, Apprentice Animal Welfare Assistant, is one of Max and Bella’s main carers and said: “They’re so close, really good friends. These two are one of the closest pairs we’ve ever seen.

“Max gets a lot of confidence from Bella. And although Bella is the more confident one, she is more anxious when they’re separated. She can also be quite excitable and Max calms her down.

Max and Bella desperately need a home together but have so far had little interest from potential owners.

“Even though they have a bed each, they always snuggle up together.”

Daniel added: “Our main priority is to get them rehomed together, and we’re not giving up on that yet."

Max and Bella, who are both on weight-gain programmes due to being very thin, are ideally looking for a home where they’re the only pets.

If you think you could give them the fresh start they deserve, view their rehoming profiles.

Max relaxing in the sunshine with Blue Cross member of staff