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Little dog has major surgery after swallowing lollipop stick during heatwave

During what may be the hottest June since 1976, a dog was admitted to Blue Cross after she was spotted swallowing a lollipop stick in one gulp. The five-year old Shih tzu’s owner contacted the charity’s Grimsby animal hospital where she needed surgery to remove the stick

Vets first tried to make Amy sick but the stick did not appear. She was put on a drip and given an anaesthetic for an endoscopy to be performed. Vets could see but not retrieve the lolly stick so Amy needed surgery for it to be removed.

Tracy Nicholson, Blue Cross vet Nurse at Grimsby said: “We can’t blame Amy for trying to keep cool in this hot weather but there are safer ways to do it than gobbling up the remains of a lolly. When she first arrived she was happy and quite pleased with herself but she would have become very poorly and could even have died. Thankfully her owners saw what she did and we were able to save her.”

Happily, Amy has since made a full recovery and is safely back home with her family, who are keeping their icy treats well out of her reach.

Amy’s owner Zoe Weakley from Cleethorpes said: “As a nurse myself I knew swallowing the stick whole would not be good for Amy. She is quite a greedy dog and does tend to eat her food in one gulp so I’m not completely surprised she did this. We will be keeping an even closer eye on her from now on.”

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