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Lonely Angus finally finds his forever home

A young stray cat found roaming around an industrial estate poorly and alone has finally found a home after more than four months of waiting.

Angus has packed his bags and has gone to a new home after 135 days in our care.

One-year-old Angus was picked up by a family from Exeter and cared for by them temporarily, before they brought him to the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Tiverton.

They had taken Angus to their local vets’ but he was sadly not microchipped.

Although bright and affectionate, Blue Cross discovered that the black and white cat had an untreated skin condition which made it painful for him to be handled.

Charlotte Mullarkey, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Tiverton, said: “From having a general health check we found that he had a few sores and lesions across his body, which gradually got better and his hair grew back.

“However, we had to be very careful not to touch his body too much due to it being sensitive so we initially stuck to head and ear tickles, which he will readily instigate.”

Although Angus made a speedy recovery, he sadly waited four times the average length of time it takes to rehome a cat from Blue Cross.

“We feel that sadly Angus was overlooked due to his colouring – black and white cats are often less favourable than other coloured cats, however Angus is just as playful and friendly as many other cats," Charlotte said.

She added: “He is a cheeky playful young cat who has a lot of love and fun to give. One of his favourite things to do is play, play, play, especially with fishing rod toys.

“He has a lot of energy and needs a lot of stimulation and things to entertain him which unfortunately we were unable to provide enough of here in the cattery.  

“So it's really lovely to see him going off to his forever home after 135 days with us.”

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