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Enter our weekly lottery now to win up to £10,000

Welcome to the Blue Cross weekly lottery! The brand new and exciting way to support our work caring for more than 40,000 pets every year.

Entering is easy and every week you will have the chance of winning up to £10,000 or one of our other great prizes from £5 to £1,000.

It costs just £1 a week to enter, or £2 to double your chances of winning. Call us on 01628 821 986 to enter now by Direct Debit to ensure you never miss a draw. We will send you your lucky six digit number and there is no need to claim as we will write to you if you win and pay any winnings directly to your bank account.

There are many, many more pets out there who still desperately need us and we must be there for them. By 2020 we want to double the number of animals we help a year, and your support will help to make sure this happens.

Enter now for your chance to win and help support pets in need!

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Or simply call us on 01628 821 986.

— Page last updated 11/12/2017