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Make a free Will online

Blue Cross has partnered with Bequeathed to offer supporters the opportunity to make a free simple Will online. Thousands of people make their Will online for free in this way, and Bequeathed’s easy, convenient service allows you to make the right Will for you.

If you wish to you can choose to leave a gift to Blue Cross when you make your Will with Bequeathed. Leaving a gift in your Will to Blue Cross ensures your love for pets lives on. More than half the work Blue Cross do is made possible through gifts in Wills.

How it works

The process starts with an online interview. There is detailed guidance and chat support on hand to help you progress at your own pace. The answers you provide are used to generate your Will.  Once you have completed your Will you can then download it and follow the instructions on how to sign it in front of witnesses.

During the online process Bequeathed will help to identify issues that you might not have considered. These may be issues that can affect loved ones, where expert legal advice could be valuable.

If throughout the process you do decide that you may need expert legal advice, simply ask Bequeathed to transfer your interview to one of their accredited firms of solicitors. A solicitor can then advise you further by telephone or arrange to meet you in person. Before you do this, you would need to agree a fee. The great thing is that the solicitor will have access to the information you have already provided online. This means you will have to pay for less of their time.

There is no obligation to leave a gift in your Will to Blue Cross if you take up this offer; but we hope that you will consider helping Blue Cross support more sick, injured and homeless pets long into the future.

— Page last updated 14/08/2020