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Massive moggy on track for weight loss target

Muffin before (left) and after (right)
Muffin before (left) and after (left).

An obese cat rehomed from Blue Cross has lost over a third of her bulk thanks to the charity starting her on a diet and exercise programme.

Muffin the massive moggy weighed in at a staggering 9.2kilos when she arrived at our centre in Rolleston, Nottinghamshire. She has since happily been rehomed to Matthew Hunt who fell for the huge but huggable and affectionate cat while working as a receptionist at the centre’s horse rehoming centre, which is next to the cattery.

After a strict six month slimming regime, she is now a much healthier 6.2kilos and fast reaching her target weight of 4-5kilos.

Matthew said: “It can be quite hard to make sure she stuck to her diet as she is so loving just want to spoil her rotten, but her health was at risk so she really needed to get the weight off.

"Plus, being so big she struggled to do the normal things cats do - like clean themselves, jump onto high objects and explore. I’m really pleased with her progress and although she could still do with losing a few more pounds I can tell she is much happier.”

Muffin is on a special veterinary low-calorie diet. Biscuit portions of her food are given to her via a treat ball so that she has to work for to get them by batting the ball around until the biscuits fall out. She is also encouraged to play to keep her active and her favourite toy is a blue fishing rod which she loves.

Matthew continued: “Muffin is such an adorable, affectionate cat and she just seems to crave attention. She loves to come and sit next to you on the sofa in the evening on her own special cushion she has and if given the chance she will attempt to try and groom your hair! She is so loving I couldn’t be without her”.

Blue Cross in Rolleston has been rehoming cats since August 2017 and the service is run entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers. Cats stay in specially made ‘cat chalets’ until new homes are found.

Animal lovers interested in volunteering roles, either in the cattery or as cat foster carers, please contact the cattery on 0300 777 1942 or email [email protected]