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In memory of Asparagus

Passed away:

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Memories of Asparagus

Oh, Asparagus, so many things remind me of you and there are so many things I miss:

• You thirstily licking water from out of the water bowl near the bathroom.

• Your footprints in the bath when you jumped in after my shower to lick all the water left in the bath;

• Your waking me up with your cold nose against one of my eyelids or your whiskers on my cheek;

• Your following me along the shared drive when I take the bins out and me being able to pick you up and cuddle you all the way back to the garage for the second bin & then doing it all over again!

• Your running into the garage when I open the door to put rubbish in the bin or get the hose out for watering the garden. You were always curious regarding what I was up to in there and then you had to inspect any changes (new boxes, bags of compost etc.);

• Your hanging around me when I go to do anything in the front garden – mowing the lawn or tidying the borders;

• Your rushing out the front door to greet me when I open it having been being out for a while;

• Your running around from the back garden to greet me when I park up having been out a while;

• Your sleeping in the pond well and letting me fuss around you – placing an old umbrella to provide you with shade when the sun was shining;

• Your tail excitedly being wrapped around my leg as I get pet food out of the cupboard and put it on a plate (Mr. M simply sits and waits to be served);

• Your jumping on my desk (and sometimes sliding on any papers) to get my attention;

• Your raucous meow to get my attention;

• Your beautiful long fur that was so soft and comforting to touch;