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Barry Big

In memory of Barry Big

Passed away:

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Memories of Barry Big

When you first showed up in my garden in 2011 you were a huge boy and very wary of me, over the next couple of years we became friends and i also became your go to for food n fuss , you would not come indoors due to my old dog ( who was fine with you ) and so you spent a lot of cold times somewhere out there , the day after she died you came in and NEVER left again until your passing. You made sure my other cats knew who was boss :) my feisty warrior even though by the time you were a proper part of the family you had lost a lot of weight, and so i shortened your name to Barry, I never knew why you had gone so thin and although your appetite belied your frame you never regained much of your former figure. It seems you were suffering with an over active thyroid ( which was not found until way too late) and over the next 4 years occasionally it knocked you back so there were vet trips and antibiotics etc etc . BUT your were NEVER any trouble and i had a very hard time in coming to terms with letting you go, your decline was swift and the mess you were in those last few days,which we thought was just due to a stomach bug just did not respond to anything the vet tried and she told me you were too distressed /old for all the tests needed to try and sort things out so i held you close and gave you peace and freedom from the pain which were the only things i had left that i could do for you, you have left a huge Barry shaped hole that will never be filled. I and J ( dad ) and your furry playmates Mr Manks .Piggy and Kusco will miss you more than i can ever say, i hope you have found your patch of sunshine, you ALWAYS loved the warmth be it sun or fire or lap, right now the pain is too raw my gorgeous pink nosed soul so i will leave this as it is i hope you know just how much i loved you and I am so sorry i could not have had longer with you XXXXXXXXXXXX