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Betty Boo

In memory of Betty Boo

Passed away:

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Memories of Betty Boo

Her cuddles and kisses

The way she snored and sniffled when asleep

Her jumping in the empty bath, trying to lick any water up she could despite having a full bowl in the kitchen. Causing carnage as she did!

That feisty yet lady like temperament, so polite and well mannered yet always up for a good battle.

Her little white and black nose, always sniffing and getting into things she shouldn't.

That beagle howl she would let out when she wanted to play.

Her full of life character from day one, almost asif she knew her life was going to be short with us.

Her love for everything and everyone she ever met, she almost glowed with happiness everywhere she went.

When she used to play with ice cubes and bottle tops throwing them across the floor herself and chasing them, happily entertaining herself when she pleased.

Digging up my dads garden and flowers then acting asif she hadn't done anything. Paws and face full of dirt!

Her energy and positive vibe wherever we were together, my little co pilot in my car when we would travel around or go to work.

Sitting on my parcel shelf when I'd nip into the shops waiting for me to come back.

The way she would greet you like she hadn't seen you in a lifetime.

How she loved to touch us and curl up on our knee, head, face or wherever she could just so she could feel you when she slept.

How comforting she was if we were poorly or sad.

The fact she could eat a two course meal in two seconds flat!

Her ears and how they'd always turn inside out, especially when she would play, she never once just ran after something she had to boing, boing, pounce, leave her bum in the air for a minute with her white tipped tail high in the air, then she would come back for us to do it all over again.

Despite her size she would give as good as she got, battles with her friend the 7 month old working cocker spaniel would always end up in her on top, literally standing on top of him sometimes asif to say "I'm the kind of the castle!"

Tricoloured yet not black, she was brown with a faint ginger line down one side like it had been drawn on or singed by something.

Only now she's gone do I realise how little she was, at five months old she was no bigger than a Jack Russel but with long legs, very thin despite being fed three times per day. Gone way too soon at five months old, her little big heart couldn't help her anymore, we only had her a mere 11 weeks and 1 day but we would do it again knowing what the outcome would be! She brought so much love, life and happiness to our lives, she will be with us every step, on every adventure we take. Sleep tight our litte Bets. I hope when to time comes you'll be there waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. We miss you dearly and love you eternally xxxx