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In memory of Cinnamon

Passed away:

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Memories of Cinnamon

Cinnamon didn't have a very good start in her life. When she was six months old we rescued her from a home where she wasn't very well looked after. I found her on gumtree and when I saw her photo I knew I had to bring her into the family! My husband kept telling me no as we already had two hamsters! But I wasn't going to take no as an answer so after a few days of consistently asking he agreed we could go and get her! When we brought her home she was very timid and didn't like to be held and was very stressed out! After a couple of weeks She grew into such a happy little girl who loved her cuddles and her treats. Whenever she wanted to come out for cuddles she would climb into her hammock and sit staring at me for ages until I got her out. I really miss walking in to her room to see her sitting there staring up at me!

She filled my heart with so much joy and the love myself and my husband had for her will never leave us! The pain of her loss still cuts deep but we are so happy that we got to be her family so she could have an amazing life with us!

I love and miss you so much my sweet little cinnamon whirl!