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In memory of Daisy

Passed away:

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Memories of Daisy


My confidante and my best friend,

My first dog, loyal till the end,

We loved you for 14 years plus,

Though we housed you, you rescued us.

Arthritis slowed your wagging tail,

Cataracts made your eyesight fail,

Yet you never lost your cheeky smile,

You always went the extra mile.

As younger dogs went racing past,

Slow and steady you finished last,

You never cared or sulked or worried,

You carried on, you never hurried.

And as you fell asleep that night,

As that rainbow bridge glowed bright,

I hope you felt our love for you,

I hope that you always knew.

In the place where all the good dogs go,

I know you're winning best in show.

Though without you I'm going crazy,

I know it's time so sleep tight Daisy.

A poem in memory of my number one girl, who passed away on 23rd December 2017, aged 15 and a half. We miss you.