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In memory of Dalton

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Memories of Dalton

How do I even begin to start explaining what dalton meant to me over the 17 & 1/2 precious years that I had him in my life, there's so much to say about him that I don't want to miss one detail of how special he was and how much I truly and dearly loved this dog right from the beginning.


Dalton was one of a litter of 3 born from our family dog trixie, I watched him come into this

world as trixie gave birth to him and after a few days of watching him grow a little more I fell in love with him, he was Black and Tan and looked like the special one from the litter cause he looked so different from the rest, he was so cute and over the weeks of watching him play and get up to mischief with his brother and sister I just knew i wanted him to be mine, i named him Dalton, I had always liked the name from the film roadhouse when I was younger, Patrick Swayze played dalton, I always said if I had a boy I would name him dalton, well my first boy turned out to be my beloved dog so I named him dalton :)


Dalton came home to live with me at Galloway street when it was time for him to leave trixie and I just couldn't wait for him to be mine properly and to show him off to everyone, I had everything ready for him his little cute collar and lead and little bowls, all i needed was him to make it all so complete, i was so happy to have chosen this little bundle to be mine :) and was so proud to be his owner and never even gave it a second thought that one day he'd no longer be with me.


He was my special boy right from the start, I knew we had a bond like no other and he was what i needed in my life, i wasn't in a relationship and i had no ties, so i made the choice to have a dog and it was the best decision of my life, he would sleep in my bed every night and cuddle up to me, I loved his soft fur, his little wet nose, his sweet puppy breath, and his licks on my face to let me know how much he loved me, he was my special little friend, so loving, friendly and loyal I couldn't have asked for more, I just wanted him to be by my side always, and within months of being together endlessly I could see he felt the same way about me, I couldn't go anywhere without him being behind me, at my feet, or whining cause I was leaving him for a brief moment, he made me feel special cause he needed me and wanted me, who would have thought a dog could bring such joy and happiness to a persons life, but dalton brought all those things to my life and so much more, now I know why no-one understands, cause they never had the love, friendship & loyalty that I knew from having him in my life.

It was pure and simple, he loved me and I loved him :) xxxx


Dalton was so much more special than people will ever truly know, in the month of November 1997 he was involved in a road traffic accident that the vet said he should have been "Kaput"

He was a little bugger for sneaking away and he did so on this day when I went to hang out the washing I hadn't even been out there 5min when I realised he was away, as I headed from the drying green to come look for him I heard a horrific thud and yelp and knew instantly he was in trouble, I ran the remainder of the way to the front of my house to find a car had stopped at the side of the road and I knew my dalton was there, I was scared to look, he was sat in a heap at the side of the road, he was conscious and looking at me, I could see he was hurt, he was bleeding and had tyre marks on his back end.

The driver said he just appeared out of nowhere and had no way of stopping.

I never asked any details, took a registration or nothing I just wanted to help my dalton and get him to the vet straight away, I scooped him up from the side of the road into my arms and can remember how lifeless he felt, he didn't squeal with pain or anything he just looked sad and looked at me as if to say "help me", we went to the vet where I had to leave him for a few hours till they looked at him.