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In memory of Dinka

Passed away:

Pet Bereavement Support

The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently and if you need somebody to talk to please call our Pet Bereavement Support line.

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Memories of Dinka

I lost my wonderful Dinka this week. She was the sweetest purryiest cat ever. She knew how to give me a paw. She was 14 and I had had her since 6 weeks old. She loved cuddles and affection and loved plain yogurt! She was only a little cat but had such a huge huge personality. She was special. I miss her more than anything. Everyone who met her loved her and she loved everyone she met. Her greatest game was bringing me in a mouse and letting it go. The game was then for me to catch mouse before her and let it out. Her favourite toy was a length of fleece material, “wormy” was still played with when she was all grown up. Her illness was sudden and unexpected. Her brilliant temperament shone through to the end, purring at the vets while they did al sorts of tests. There will never be another Dinka. I am honoured to have known her.