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In memory of Elsa

Passed away:

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Memories of Elsa

My Elsa

There’s an empty space where you used to lay,

And a ache in my heart that I carry each day,

And unlikely bond that we struck,

You became my best ever bit of luck.

never had any stirred such an emotion,

By just giving me cuddles, love and devotion.

Elsa, my girl, my princess Bee,

Your face of such expression that I loved to see.

Thank you for that, for I do not forget,

Every time you were there, when I was upset.

Your presence is missed,

Oh I feel such a void

No pitter patters or snoring to make me annoyed.

Elsa, my girl, my beautiful friend

On you I could always depend.

That final cuddle and kiss goodbye,

Was so painful knowing you were going to die.

For I did not realise how long you had suffered,

Because your so brave you kept such a cover.

Elsa, my girl, my ray of sunshine,

Thank you for being in my life.

For that you have made me eternally blessed ,

Night night my girl, my angel, please rest.