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In memory of Emily

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Memories of Emily

Emily’s Memorial 2/9/2005-8/5/20017

I can’t believe on 2nd September you will be 12 years old and that nearly 10 of those years were spent with me as both my best friend and assistance dog.

We went through loads together nearly a decade of my life, but you were always there with me and seemed to know everything about me. You would always lay patiently with me when I was sad or lonely and feeling like I couldn’t cope with the world.

You made me fight for my independence and continued equality in respect of assistance dogs and visual impairment. You were such a dignified girl even when you were attached by another dog, you carried on, making sure you got me home and you remained this way until the end with your horrible tumour. Before you left you even made sure that I knew you were happy trying to hide your pain until the very end.

But Emily you were instrumental in many achievements of my life independence, relocation, joining choirs and socialising and meeting new people. You even remained patient whilst I achieved my career goals and degree never leaving my side or moaning if dinner was late.

You were always there to celebrate with sharing my love of music and dancing. You even allowed me to adopt many fury siblings.

We knew each other so well we were like one person knowing each other’s thoughts and feelings even having similar personalities. You were well loved and known in the local community even though you raided people’s pockets for treats and became the ball thief of the area.

The joy I will always have is that special bond between us that no body really knows about accept those who have shared the experience of truly loving a fury friend and I thank GDBA and the fundraising public and volunteers for all they do in making this possible.

However I still miss you so much Emily and know you would like me to be happy again and continue to achieve my goals in life including continue to be the best doggie/kitty parent to your old and new siblings and to treat them with the care, respect and kindness they deserve.

And I know you are now pain free watching over me as well as keeping GD Innes, and kitty Sylvester company in heaven where one day I will join you again.