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Floyd/ " Floydy Boy"

In memory of Floyd/ " Floydy Boy"

Passed away:

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Memories of Floyd/ " Floydy Boy"

My dear Floydy boy:

So sad to have to put you to sleep as you where too ill to manage treatment etc...You where so quiet and scared of the world, just like me...But had attitude and self conviction, just like me! OMG, you deserved more than yrs of life, but hey its been a tough one. Born as feral at the Harmsworth hospital site, where property developers where shooting you's. Charities took who they could and that's how we met. Even better you where bonded with another lost soul called Monkey and you loved each other....You both became my babies....But now you gone, gone and its hard....Wish you where here every day, what can I say but, sorry, love you and we should have had a t least another yrs... But if it was down to the ruthless property developers etc, you would have been gone before now....

So glad to have had you in my life but so sad you gone....Love you ' Special Boy', in your own way.....Respect, whah, Daddy, Monkey and Twix.

Love you the Daddy boy X