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In memory of Geisha

Passed away:

Pet Bereavement Support

The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently and if you need somebody to talk to please call our Pet Bereavement Support line.

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Memories of Geisha

Geisha was, quite simple extraordinary. She came to me as an 8 year old rescue and within minutes of arriving home, she was on my knee, paws curled up, purring away. We loved each other instantly. I had to relocate for work 4 times - including to new homes in Italy and France - and each time, she’d sit in her pile of cushions in the middle of the car (no travelling box for her) watching with interest the miles fly by. She had her litter box in the footwell of the passenger seat - and would use it as normal. She never once tried to come into the drivers seat - she knew I was in charge and as long as she could sit beside me on her seat (the passenger seat) she was content. She even came to stay with friends at weekends - putting up with their pets and unfamiliar surroundings with total aplomb. I called her The Imperial Paw - she was so demanding and used to bat me with her paw if I wasn’t responding to her!! I could go on at length about her. Suffice to say, that all who came into contact with her, loved her. We christened them her Love Slaves and they all adored her and her extraordinary intelligence and character. She has left a huge hole in my life - and if those who knew her. She was unique. She was gently put to sleep last week at the age of seventeen and three quarters. A very elegant and dignified lady to the end. She slipped away with her paw in my hand...