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Jack smith

In memory of Jack smith

Passed away:

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Memories of Jack smith

Jack is and all ways will be a very special member of our family jack it was your 2nd anniversary yesterday it was 2 years ago that we lost you I can not believe that i t as been two years I don't no were them years as gone we took you some lovely flowers and a anniversary card about three weeks ago on the six Aug but I still cannot get over losing you at such a young age I wish that you were still here with me and your dad I still get so upset every time that I think about you and how special that you still are to us and I don't think that I will ever get over losing you but I have got to look after your little brother jack he is growing up now and I do think that you would have liked him and also that you would have loved him and help me to look after him I do hopethat you are ok and that Benjamin is still looking after you and that you both still love and remember me and your dad as we have never forgotten you and will always love you so take care of your self and keep save and warm and please don't ever forget me and your dad baby boy and don't forget how special you both are to us and all ways will be all. our love for now and forever mum and dad good night baby jack