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Mickey slim

In memory of Mickey slim

Passed away:

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Memories of Mickey slim

Mickey Slim came into my life August 2015. He was 11.5 years and had spent 10montgs waiting for a forever home at Battersea dogs home. It wasn’t love at first sight. I went into the office to register and there he was. Mickey didn’t even lift his head. He was depressed and very overweight. I asked his story and immediately offered him a home. His main carer at Battersea came in and said “nothing has made me so sad to feel so happy, thank you so much for taking him”. Within three days Mickey had changed from a non responsive dog to a quirky, tail wagging weight losing friend. He quickly lost 8kilos and we build up his walking to an hour at a time. Big steps for a senior boy.

Mickey Slim was truly the easiest, most laid back best companion I could have ever hoped for. He wasn’t the cuddliest if dogs sue to his history. Eventually however he would rest his head on my lap and happily accept attention . Knowing it was positive.

The final time I saw him. He lifted his head and gave me the biggest sloppiest wonky chops kisses. Something he never normally did without encouragement . He passed soon After in the arms of his favourite receptionist at the vets. Although I wasn’t there I took comfort in knowing he really was in the best hands at the vets. I arrived within minutes and got to spend a previous hour with him in my arms. The leave in his eyes was something I am grateful for.

Thank you so much Mickeyslim for enriching my life so much. You gave me a purpose I’d forgotten I had.

Your legacy of senior rescue dogs will carry on and only enrich others lives too. My only regret is we hadn’t met sooner .. sweet dreams my handsome boy. Your biggest fan and friend . Sharron xxx