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Missy Misdeamnor Moo Moo

In memory of Missy Misdeamnor Moo Moo

Passed away:

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Memories of Missy Misdeamnor Moo Moo

My beautiful Missy Moo entered my life in October 2003 - from the very start it was clear she had a gift as a nursing caring spirit. I was recovering from a viral infection affecting my brain and she instinctively knew when we needed to stay in bed all day and when we could be more active.

This gift continued throughout her life and she always knew when one of her family was unwell and needed extra support.

Missy identified more as a human than a canine - 1st to join the party and always last to leave, when our other dogs would take themselves off to sleep she would always be there until the last light was extinguished.

Missy loved so many of us and was adored by all who had the privilege of meeting her - once loved, never ever forgotten.