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In memory of Nina

Passed away:

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Memories of Nina


Nina was a pleasure to have in our family, and was a fearless investigator of everyone and everything else (and particularly their food). I miss her like a lost child, and think of her every single day.


Nina was a Greek rescue (not from a charity, we were in Athens at the time and found her under a hedge in a park, as other cats attacked her). We brought her back to our apartment and she was so weak it took days before she could walk. She weighed less than necklaces I had.

Over time, she got better and became the centre of our family through her shenanigans, once jumping from our air conditioning unit onto a sleeping guest, much to everyone's amusement.

When we returned home to the UK, we were allowed to bring her and her feline partner in crime onto the plane with us to Lille and then EuroTunnel, where she meowed for fourteen hours seemingly without breathing much to the dismay of fellow passengers.

Once in the UK, her favourite past times including hiding in under bed drawers and the sneaking into other houses through cat flaps and stealing their roast dinners.

Just two days before moving and again becoming an indoor cat, she was hit by a car, leaving a hole in our hearts and that of Obie, her adoptive brother, who has not been the same since.

RIP, Nina, we miss you every day xxx