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Ollie (Oliver)

In memory of Ollie (Oliver)

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Memories of Ollie (Oliver)

August 2017

Our darling Ollie -

It’s now six months and I still miss you so very much. You were such a unique and brave little boy – so special. You dealt with your thyroid problem, then diabetes and, in the last year, the tumour. You were so brave with your daily insulin injections and also when we had to do the blood glucose curves to make sure your diabetes was stable. You accepted everything and trusted us, knowing we would never hurt you… You coped so well with all that life threw at you… I will always love you so very much. You gave us that love back in bucketsful and made us laugh with your wonderful little ways and antics! You had a ‘scallywag’ side to your character and also a soft, submissive side that was so intuitive and trusting – you suited us down to the ground!! You were so very, very special and we were so lucky to have you in our lives. How you loved your home and your garden, especially in the sun in the summer months. I still see you everywhere I look and miss our routine so much. It was so hard to see you coping with your final few days and so, despite our pain, it was a relief to ease your suffering and let you slip away and be at peace. I still can’t stop the tears… Life will never be the same - you will always be in our hearts.

Thank you for sending little Brucie to us recently… He is helping with our grief…

Goodnight, sleep tight darling. Never a day goes by without you being in our thoughts… Thank you so much for being our boy and sharing your life with us – you have taught me so much. Stay close to us…

All our love sweetheart

Mumbo (and Dad of course!) xxx