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In memory of Ozzy

Passed away:

Pet Bereavement Support

The loss of a pet impacts everyone differently and if you need somebody to talk to please call our Pet Bereavement Support line.

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Memories of Ozzy

Ozzy was the fluffiest and grumpiest cat in the world, but he was also a very loving and affectionate cat. He would sleep with me under the duvet when it was cold in the winter or get comfy on my lap or legs at any opportune moment. He sadly didn't purr towards the end and I really missed that part of him because it was such a lovely soft purr. He loved a brush and plenty of treats. Tuna was his favourite food and whenever we'd have fish and chips or a yoghurt he'd be staring right at you with his big blue eyes until you gave into his cuteness. I loved him so much and miss my pusscat even though it's only been a few days. Something has definitely been lost in me but I know I'll see him again one day....